EXCITING NEWS! All about The Traveling Cook Abroad COOKBOOK!

The Traveling Cook Abroad COOKBOOK is almost ready!! I can’t wait. Read on to weigh in on cookbook covers and to learn more about the progress of the book.


Italy: The Top 10 Things I will Miss the Most

It’s been a hell of a three years. Here’s what I’ll miss most about living in Italy.

GUEST POST: Delicious Vegetarian Quiche

This recipe is a Guest Post by Craig from The Cake Journal Blog. For more recipes like this one (and TONS of other delicious-looking cake recipes), head over to The Cake Journal Blog.


Tzatziki is the perfect potluck dip!

Coconut Curry Farro

You might call this an Indian/Italian fusion dish, with farro from Italy and everything else from India. A new favorite of mine!

Where to Eat and Drink in Porto

If you’re a foodie traveling to Porto, look no further for the best locals only recommendations for places to eat and drink in Porto!