Vinitaly 2018: This Year’s TOP Wines

Vinitaly 2018: This Year’s TOP Wines

Vinitaly is the world’s largest wine expo for wine entrepreneurs, distributors, sommeliers, bloggers, restauranteurs, and other wine-related professionals. For more useful information about Vinitaly, check out my recent post Vinitaly: What to Know Before You Go. But for NOW, let’s talk wine!

Vinitaly is undoubtedly MASSIVE, and one can only scratch the surface in terms of tasting wines, even if attending all 4 days. I found it highly beneficial to have done my research and planning in advance, so I knew exactly which wineries I wanted to visit. After I visited those, then I let myself wander and try some wines at random. Vinitaly offers the largest selection of Italian wines you’ll ever see, some of which are absolutely fantastic, difficult to find, and very expensive. I highly recommend starting with the most sought after wines or wines that are of particular interest to you. The purpose of this post is to offer my (expert) opinion about the best wines Vinitaly 2018 had to offer. It’s highly likely these wineries will be in attendance again in 2019, so add them to your “must-visit” list while planning your next trip to Verona for the magnificent Vinitaly Wine Expo! Without further adieu, here’s my TOP 10 favorite wineries and wines from Vinitaly 2018. The winery, followed by their best wines (in my opinion) are listed below. All wines are Italian unless otherwise listed. Click on the name of the winery to be directed to their website for more information.

Zyme: Oseleta 2010, Amarone 2011, Amarone Riserva La Mattonara 2006, 602020 Cabernet 2012, Kairos 2015, Harlequin 2009 


Giusti: Prosecco Brut 2017


Le Guaite di Noemi: Solitario 2011, Tisbe Cabernet Sauvignon 2012


Venica: Ronco del Cero, Sauvignon DOC Collio 2017

30740620_10156592378801686_1482622740643971072_n (1)

 Scarzello: Barolo 2012


 Pretto: Bolgheri Rosso 2012 (no website)


Flatio: Amarone Riserva 2009


Casa Ermelinda Freitas: Quinta da Mimosa 2015 D.O. Palmela; Dona Ermelinda Reserva Palmela 2015 – Portugal


 La Purisima: Old Vines Expression 2014 (Monastrell, Syrah, Garnacha) Spain


 Castello del TerriccioLupicaia 2012


Well, there you have it: My TOP 10 favorite wines from Vinitaly 2018. Please note, I just scratched the surface of the event. There are tens of thousands of wines available at Vinitaly, and I wish I could have tried them all! What I do know is that the wines from these 10 wineries are FANTASTIC. If you can find a bottle, BUY ONE. You won’t be disappointed.

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 *feature photo and the majority of these photos courtesy of my lovely and talented friend, Kenzie Levey. 




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