The Traveling Cook Abroad COOKBOOK is HERE! 

The Traveling Cook Abroad is a cookbook and history lesson, all-in-one: a collection of recipes designed to entertain those who love great food and drinks, exciting explorations, and are hungry to learn more about the world through its many cuisines.

From French Onion Soup and Romanian Cabbage Rolls to Fresh Italian Egg Pasta and Hearty German Jägerschnitzel, The Traveling Cook Abroad will take you on a journey through time and space by learning about and cooking Europe’s most important dishes. I have done the “hard work” of crafting only the best recipes from around Europe for this book. All recipes are tried, tested, and true.

Each dish was hand-selected based on its relevance and importance in European history, its deliciousness, and its ease of cooking. The Traveling Cook Abroad provides a foundation for new and seasoned cooks who want to learn more about European cuisines and to broaden their culinary skill set.

**Please Note: The mission of The Traveling Cook Abroad is to not only to provide entertainment, education, and enjoyment to foodies everywhere: It is to enhance the lives of others in the community. Therefore, 25% of all profits from The Traveling Cook Abroad sales go directly to Autism Speaks to support individuals with Autism and their families. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your support!

Support a great cause, and get your copy today! 

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