Italian Wine Lovers: Be on the Lookout for These Amarone Wines

Anteprima Amarone: The New Amarone Short-List

As many of you already well know, I love wine. Particularly, I love Italian wine. Mind you, I’ve been living in Italy for the past 3 years, so I may have developed a bit of a bias. Either way – it’s good stuff!

If you haven’t already seen the posts about my absolute favorite wines from the Valpolicella and Barolo Regions of Italy, be sure to check them out. While I may have already shared my favorite wineries from Valpolicella (where Amarone wines are made) and Barolo, it’s important to understand that everyone’s tastes are different, and my tastes are ever-evolving. I drink wine for a variety of purposes, depending on which food I’m eating, what the weather is like, or even what kind of mood I’m in. AND I’m certainly always on the lookout for my next favorite wine.

Two of my friends, also in search of their next favorite wine:


Luckily for me, I live very close to Verona – a city that knows and LOVES wine. This past weekend, I attended Anteprima Amarone, a famous wine festival dedicated solely to Amarone wines. Amarone happens to be my Italian wine-of-choice, so when I hear there’s a festival dedicated to hundreds of different Amarone wines… I GO. Again, you can read more about my favorite Amarone wines HERE.

My husband and I after 30 + wines (we did pretty well, I think):


While at Anteprima Amarone, I was sure to visit my absolute favorite wineries, and I went on a mission to find a new favorite wine to add to my list. What I found? …LOTS of new favorite wines. We tried over 40 wines. Amarone wines range from 14-17% alcohol, so it’s a miracle we were still standing at the end. Food, coffee, and water help.

The point of today’s post is to share with you my new “short list” in terms of new favorite Amarone wines. These were the most impressive of the wines I tried, and I plan to visit all of these wineries soon. Links to each of the wineries’ websites can be found by clicking on their name. For each winery, I listed the year or years of Amarone that were my favorite.

Ca Dei Frati (2008, 2011)

F. lli Degani (2013)

Farina (2011)

Flatio (2013)

*Le Bignele (2010)

Le Guaite di Noemi (2008, 2009)

Monte Zovo (2010)

Giacomo Montresor (2003)

San Cassiano (2012, 2014)

*Santa Sofia (2013)

Vigneti Villabella (2008)

*Zyme (2001)

*Already included in “The Best Valpolicella Wineries: Where to Go and What to Expect”

Well, there you have it! Those are my picks for this year. Any I missed? I’d be (more than) happy to hear you recommendations.


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