My Top 10: Travel Bucket List

When I first moved to Italy, I had already been to over 30 countries, the majority of which were in Europe. SO, I was determined to travel to a slough of NEW, off-the-beaten path countries during our time here. I created a TOP 10 list upon arrival, and I’m happy to say that I have accomplished all of those, and more. The original list included: Russia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Latvia, Bosnia, Dubai, Estonia, Romania, Denmark, and Poland. NOW, I have a new list of 10 places I want to travel to ASAP (most of which I’ve based around Europe because of our proximity). Here they are.

  1. South Africa
  2. Lithuania
  3. Montenegro
  4. Belarus
  5. Serbia
  6. Norway
  7. Ukraine
  8. Georgia
  9. Iceland
  10. Tanzania – to hike Mount Kilimanjaro!

What are your FAVORITE countries, or which countries would you love to travel to? As I check these off the list, I’ll need NEW countries to add to the list. I’m totally enthralled by the idea of visiting South America, too!! Ahh, so many places – so little time.


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  1. Luminita says:

    Hi Cammy. I always love a travel bucket list, because it’s a great opportunity to add some ideas on my own. How about adding some Asian destinations on your list, like India or Japan. Those are on my list along with other European destinations.


    1. Hey Luminita! Good idea. I’ve done Southeast Asia before, but never Japan – I am very interested in their food scene. I’m also curious about Singapore! Have you been to any Asian countries??


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