How to Roast a Red Pepper in Three Simple Steps

How to Roast a Red Pepper in Three Simple Steps:

Roasted red peppers add a kick to any meal. They are great in salads or soups, with chicken, or mixed into spreads. There are a variety of ways to roast red peppers, including on the grill, on the stove top, and in the oven. This method is very simple and develops the best smoky pepper flavor possible. NOTE: You will need a gas stovetop for this method!

Step one – Cook the Pepper: Turn on a gas burner to medium/high heat and place the pepper straight on the open flame, turning every few minutes. Rotate until the pepper is soft and gives easily when grabbed with tongs. The pepper will take approximately 20 minutes to cook, and the outside should be seriously burnt!

Red Pep

Step two – Steam the Pepper: Steam the pepper. You need to take the peel off. The easiest way to steam the pepper is to put the pepper in a ziplock bag for approximately 10 minutes.


Step three – Remove Skin and Seeds: Remove the pepper from the bag. Run it under water, gently removing all of the skin with your fingers (it will come off very easily). Also gently remove the stem and seeds, rinsing the pepper so there are no left-over seeds remaining.


Voila! That’s it. Chop it up, eat it whole with olive oil and salt (yum), or blend it into a red pepper spread (hint: add some garlic, salt, and cream cheese).


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