UPDATE: Travel, Food, School, and LIFE

Hi everyone!

I wanted to post a quick update to all dedicated blog-followers, foodies, and travelers.

You may have noticed a hiatus in blog posts over the past couple of months. Does this mean the blog is done? NOPE!

A couple of exciting things have been happening over here in Italy. First, I defend my dissertation on December 20th! All of my time has faithfully gone to that over the past two months. Once I’m done my defense, I’ll officially be Dr. Romanuck Murphy and will be taking to the blog once again in the new year.

Another exciting thing that is happening in the new year… I am currently working on The Traveling Cook Abroad COOKBOOK! This is very exciting, because the blog has gained a faithful following and many favorite recipes (and 25+ never-seen-before recipes) will be included in the book. Hard copy and electronic versions will be available. AND 25% of the profits will be going directly to Pencils of Promise to raise money for education students in poverty-stricken areas, scholarships, and MORE! Check out Pencils of Promise HERE.

Since I’ve last checked in, I have visited many new countries and cities including Russia, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Kosovo – just to name a few. Also while visiting these countries, I sampled ALL of the local cuisine as inspiration for the blog. Yes – Yes, it was hard work. I know. You’re welcome.

Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support, and The Traveling Cook Abroad will see YOU in full swing in January, 2018.




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