Italian Magazine Blogger Awards: Nominate The Traveling Cook Abroad!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to pop in really quickly to let you know about the 5th Annual Italy Magazine Blogger Awards. Each year, Italy Magazine holds a competition for the best blog of the year in multiple categories. This year’s categories include:

-Best FOOD blog

-Best TRAVEL blog

-Best Living in Italy Blog

-Best individual food/travel post

I would been extremely grateful if you’d like 30 seconds to nominate The Traveling Cook Abroad!! Whether you are a regular follower or periodically check into the blog for recipe ideas or travel tips, your vote means the WORLD.

You can click the picture below to nominate moi 🙂 I am very much appreciative to everyone for their support over the past two years! Entries are due by December 3rd, 2017! THANK YOU!!



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