The Ultimate Caesar

You know what’s great about Canada (other than everything)? Caesars. What’s a Caesar, you ask? Think Bloody Mary, but better. Instead of tomato juice, us Canadians like to use clamato juice. Sure – it sounds a bit weird, but don’t knock it until you try it. This spicy, salty, delicious adult drink was created in Calgary, Alberta at the Calgary Inn (now called the Weston Hotel) in 1969 by the then-restaurant-manager, Walter Chell. Try this variation out – and trust me, you’ll love it. Feeling a little crazy? Add different varieties of hot sauce (like sriracha or Mexican hot sauces), or even add wasabi (but then substitute soy sauce for Worcestershire). Get creative, and enjoy.

Servings: 1


Lime wedges

Celery Salt (for rim of glass)

Ice cubes

1.5 ounces vodka

6 fluid ounces Clamato Juice

1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce

2 dashes Tabasco sauce

Celery stalk for garnish

Pickled beans or asparagus for garnish (optional)


Rub the lime around the rim of the glass. Add celery salt to a flat plate. Rim the glass with celery salt.  Add ice cubes (as desired) to the glass. To the glass, add vodka, Clamato, Worcestershire, and Tabasco, and stir well to blend.

Garnish the glass with a celery stalk, pickled bean, or pickled asparagus.



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