Hugo Spritz

In Italy, people like to drink. It’s true. They don’t get crazy, but wine and apertifs are undeniably a part of Italian culture. If you’re not into the traditional spritz (with Aperol or Campari liquor), then I definitely recommend opting for the hugo. This light and tasty drink is made with dry Prosecco (sparkling white wine), soda water, elderflower syrup, and mint. It’s like a classier mojito, if you will. In Italy, because of their alphabet, “hugo” is actually pronounced “oo-go” and pairs nicely with some pre-dinner snacks. Now – get drinkin!


Ice cubes

Fresh mint

1 part Elderflower concentrate

3 parts Italian Prosecco (dry)

1 wedge of lime, squeezed


Add ice cubes to a large wine glass.

In a separate container, muddle the mint with a pestle or with your fingertips.

Add the mint and lime juice to a glass (or glasses). Add 1 part elderflower concentrate, then top with 3 parts Prosecco.


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