Bruges: Local Cuisine

Local Cuisine:

Bruges’s traditional cuisine has French and Flemish influences; however, the cuisines of Belgium in general have evolved over time, making them unique and special to the region.

  • Stoemp: pronounced “stoomp”; mashed potatoes with other mashed vegetables. Check out my recipe HERE.


  • Eels in green sauce: sauce may be made from parsley, pimpernel, watercress, basil, chives, or any other green herb
  • Asparagus (Flemish style): boiled or steamed white asparagus topped with chopped hardboiled eggs, parsley, and butter
  • Croquettes: usually filled with creamy cheese or grey shrimp
  • Carbonades: Sweet and sour beef stew, flavored with Belgian beer; often sweetened by using gingerbread and made slightly sour from cider vinegar. You can find the perfect recipe HERE.

Carbonnade 2

  • Fish soup: flavored with fish stock, white wine, saffron, tomatoes, and onions, this flavorful soup is a Belgian favorite
  • Game meats: venison, wild board, duck, pheasant
  • Waterzooi: originally a stew made from fish, more commonly made with chicken now; thickened with egg yolks and cream and flavored with onions, carrots, potatoes, celery, lemon, and spices. Try my recipe 🙂
  • Mussels: fresh mussels are in abundance on the coast of Belgium and are very popular served with fries
  • Ham and endive gratin: savory, rich, salty, and delicious; can be served as an appetizer or a meal. Check out my recipe.
  • Beer: enough said
  • Chocolate (all types)
  • Waffles: popular street food served with any number of toppings

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