Basel: What to Know Before You Go

Useful Information:

  • Be ready – Basel, like the rest of Switzerland, is expensive.
  • If driving, you must purchase a 30 euro road pass when entering Switzerland. If you do not have one, fines are very hefty
  • Don’t speed on the roads surrounding Basel, or anywhere in Switzerland, for that matter. Again, fines are hefty and they are good at finding you for payment, even if you are a tourist!
  • Switzerland uses Swiss francs, but they will likely accept euros and give you back your change in francs.
  • Basel is easily accessible by ferry, train, car, or plan
  • Everyone is very nice and most people speak some English – don’t be afraid to ask for help!
  • This is a biker-friendly city. Consider renting a bike and seeing the city on wheels.
  • Public transport is easily accessible and simple to use. You can take advantage of their public transportation; however, this city is easily walkable in a day, if you prefer.

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